The History of the Weave before us

The idea of ​​taking a material and interlacing it to make a weave, resistant and indestructible, is as old as man. Here, in Tuscany, in the area of Signa, S. Mauro and San Donnino the processing of straw into a weave had already achieved levels of excellence in the 500’s at the time of the Medici’s.
But it was in the 700’s with the selection of some species of wheat, grown for non-food purposes, but intended only for the production of a woven straw, that objects of exquisite workmanship were realized, in particular "hats".
The Florentine area became the first world producer of this kind of leghorn hat, which became the emblem of "Florentine life". It happened then, in the early 900’s, that many women passing through Florence for the "Grand Tour" went home with some woven items, typical example of Florentine craftsmanship: at which point a real trend was born.
The fashion, fortunately, can also be expressed with two hands weaving straw to give birth to a creation admired in every corner of the Earth. This is one reason the brothers Fabrizio and Roberto Pancani approached the fashion world.


The stories of two brothers are woven

After working for twenty years in the family business, specializing in the production of straw bags, the Pancani brothers decided to realize their own business idea. Relying on their experiences and their aptitudes, in 2006, they opened Roberto Pancani in Florence, in the world's production center of high-end fashion handbags. Their skills and experience lead them to deal with two specific areas within the company:

  • Fabrizio is in charge of creative, design and research of innovative materials to bring in the production process;
  • Roberto takes care of the management and administration, and of the relationship with customers.