Fashion is met at each single point

All the creations of Roberto Pancani are based on the respect and protection of all the steps that guarantee the artisanal quality of the creations.
When preparing the samples collection, an important part is dedicated to research and study, which aim not only to understand the trends in terms of colors and/or materials, but also to make them interact with the craftsmanship belonging to our peasant tradition.
This phase of research, crucial to define the style of the collection, is carried out not only with the direct presence in the main fairs of the sector, but also with direct surveys on working to find out what might be interesting and innovative in this area and the curiosity that leads people to seek inspiration in some small local market.
Everything pertaining to this phase, which is crucial in the development of collections, is carried out within the company through a meticulous process of analysis and discussion between the designer Fabrizio and working groups coordinated by him, with the aim of enhancing in each creation a specific artisanal production quality.
Each individual Roberto Pancani product is a unique creation, since the craftsmanship, by its nature, is linked to the singularity and the artistic manual dexterity, not being produced by machines, but by a set of actions and movements of the subject that produces them.
The collections are presented twice a year at the most important fairs of the sector such as MIPEL in Milan and MODA ITALIA in Tokyo.

The quality of unique creations

What is produced by manual work is in itself unrepeatable. Even the simple gesture of the hand, the movement of the weave, not only will never be repeated the same way but it will be different from person to person. To many this part of "humanity" may seem an uncertainty, but for those who can recognize the value of unique work it will be an indication of extraordinary beauty.
To manual dexterity one must always add the combination of special materials and the experimentation of ancient techniques in a modern way. Even if we do the same things as our ancestors did, we adapt to today’s taste and project it in a fashion that is constantly looking for themes and styles. Roberto Pancani guarantees the appointed times for deliveries, with respect for the workers involved in the craftsmanship.

Special processing

  • Woven panels
  • Profiled panels
  • Woven on mold
  • Crochet
  • Embroidery
  • Hand stitches
  • Macramé
  • Leather bandages
  • Trailed in Vienna

The perfection of numbers and unique workmanship

To increase the production of bags by constantly innovating aspects of traditional craft production is a complex operation, which in fact has proven to be successful.
Roberto Pancani’s numbers demonstrate a significant level of production while maintaining a manufacturing philosophy that emphasizes and enhances manual craftsmanship.

Strict compliance with the regulations

For the choice and selection of raw materials Roberto Pancani’s philosophy provides strict compliance with the EU Community legislation.
Roberto Pancani does not directly import materials from countries outside of Italy and consequently buys all products that will be used in the manufacture from the domestic market, making sure that the suppliers are certified and that they themselves respect EU regulations.